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Re: RES: Where to put Open Transport Tycoon (openttd)

On 5/17/05, Michael K. Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> wrote:
> Up until a day or two ago I could chalk that up to difficulty with
> reading comprehension, but the whole business with citing Sun v.
> Microsoft as proof that some courts skip contract analysis, and then
> refusing to acknowledge that he was citing the summary of the district
> court's erroneous decision -- it's just too much.  Not to mention
> replying to my "courts are likely to construe 'derivative work'
> narrowly on the licensee's request" as if I had said "courts are
> likely to construe the license narrowly and thus find the licensee's
> conduct to be outside it", which is OBVIOUSLY not what I was saying.
> There's a point at which it crosses over from incompetence to malice,
> and I think he's well past it.

Given the bulk of what you've written, the illogical debating
tactics you've used in the posts I was responding to (including,
but not limited to, ad hominem), I find myself unable to say
much of anything about how obvious your intent is.

Put differently: I do not believe I was being unfair, but I might 
have been.


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