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Open Transport Tycoon - if it was like freeciv

A bit counterfact maybe but ...

Let's say, if I liked the concept of TTD (which I did), and started to
write a "FreeTycoon" like freeciv, without using any material from TTD at
all, and also without requiring original TTD data for execution, how close
could I make it to the original *rules* and behaviour?

Would this change if I used bits of the free openttd *game engine* in my
project? Or: can really this "misa en scene" extend to the rules - the
alghoritm? That sounds more like patents. I.e. - in the "FreeTycoon"  (or
"FreeTransportKing", for avoiding trademark stuff too ...) I'm not using
any of the characters of ttd at all, but am taking a new selection of
buses, ship types etc, use a roughly similiar - but better ruleset, and
implement all with fresh (non-TTD) code and data.

/Per Eric
^): Per Eric Rosén http://rosnix.net/~per/
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