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Re: How can I mix GFDL and GPL sources?

Lewis Jardine <debian@catbox.co.uk> wrote:
> It was implied that you can't /ever/ distribute under both the GPL and 
> the GFDL; you can, but only if you are (or have permission from) all of 
> the copyright holders.  The licenses do, however, prevent you from 
> mandating that recipients distribute the work under both licenses (this 
> would be an additional restriction on both licenses); you have to give 
> them permission to use one, the other, or both, at their option.

The implication was correct, though. You are describing distributing
under "the GPL or the FDL" aka dual-licensing. It is not possible to
satisfy both licences simultaneously, is it?

Dual-licensing is a special case and a lot of fun stuff is possible
if you have enough permission from the copyright holders. It doesn't
affect whether or not two licences are said to be compatible or not.

Thanks for reminding everyone it's a possibility. Try a less
confusing style next time, please.

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