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Re: GPL program linking against BSD library which links against OpenSSL?

Christian Hammers wrote:
> If a GPL licenced programm (Quagga) does *not* use OpenSSL itself but does
> use libnetsnmp (BSD-like) which uses OpenSSL so that an ldd of the resulting
> GPL programm lists libcrypto-0.9.7.so even if the Depends: line does
> (of course) not list libssl, then we still have a problem, right?

Maybe. But I guess you didn't want to hear that answer. :-)
It all depends on whether the resulting program can be
considered derivative of both OpenSSL and Quagga. The FSF
would probably say 'yes'.

An alternative would be to use GNU TLS instead of OpenSSL.

This software is LGPL-licensed and so can be combined with
GPL-licensed software without problems.


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