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How can I mix GFDL and GPL sources?


At the beginning suppose that I want to write a technical document
about the architecture of Debian packages and distribution.

The document should contain following parts for/about each package:
1) Description
2) Package configuration and contents
3) Some technical metadata

I want to get the description from the texts of wikipedia. 
And the package configuration section will contain for example
parts of the "list of files" of a package and/or
parts of the "rules" file of a package(with some explanations).

The whole document I want to release under the GPL.

So, the reason why I post here are the following questions:
1)  Is it right that the rules files are under the GPL?
2) Is it right that the "list of files" (the contents) of a package are under
the GPL?
3) Is it right that the descriptions of Debian packages as every user
can read under the "Description:" section of apt-cache show 
are under the GPL?
2) May I mix in one page a content of wikipedia(citation) and from
Debians development notes/files/artifacts - as I learned that the GFDL
and the GPL are incompatible? o_O
3) How can I accomplish a legal mix from both sources? This last question
is especially important because I want to establish a "co-development"
of wikipedia's articles about Linux tools/packages and Debian documentation
but I am very sensitive not to make any failure regarding the 
licenses. Maybe I should release my document under the GFDL (but what
about the "Debian content" in it, then?) ?

Maybe there are points you couldn't understand because my explanations
are not good enough. Please, ask. As the questions above are important for me
I want to give every explanation you need to solve my questions.

Gueven Bay

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