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Re: Question about freeness of XyMTeX license [2nd try]

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:

%% Copying of this file is authorized only if either
%%  (1) you make absolutely no changes to your copy, including name and
%%      directory name
%%  (2) if you do make changes,
%%      (a) you name it something other than the names included in the
%%          ``chemist'' directory and
%%      (b) you acknowledge the original name.
%%  This restriction ensures that all standard styles are identical.

You should check the discussion of the LaTeX Project Public License in the list archives. Its a fairly long discussion, ultimately leading to a new version of the LPPL.

In particular, it is questionable if requiring the file name to be changed is free: While the DFSG does explicitly allow requiring the name of a program to be changed, this is more. In TeX (well, sort of), the file name is part of the API, which the DFSG does not allow you to require to be changed.

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