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Question about freeness of XyMTeX license

Hi debian-legal,

I have ITP'ed xymtex ( http://bugs.debian.org/304714 ).  This collection
of LaTeX macros has the following license:

%% Copying of this file is authorized only if either
%%  (1) you make absolutely no changes to your copy, including name and
%%      directory name
%%  (2) if you do make changes,
%%      (a) you name it something other than the names included in the
%%          ``chemist'' directory and
%%      (b) you acknowledge the original name.
%%  This restriction ensures that all standard styles are identical.
%% =======================================
%% This file is a modification of latex.tex (LaTeX2.09) and of latex.ltx
%% (a LaTeX2e), the reused parts of which is subject to
%% Copyright 1994 the LaTeX3 project and the individual authors (For further
%% copyright information see the file legal.txt of the LaTeX2e standard
%% distribution, and any other copyright indicated in this file.)

[end license]

Assuming that by "copying", upstream really means "public
redistribution" (something which I have already emailed him to clarify),
is this acceptable for main?  Can "Public redistribution is authorized
if..." be considered a grant of permission?  If so, my understanding is
that the restrictions in option (2) are permissible under the DFSG's
"Integrity of the author's source code", correct?


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