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lirc license


Quoted from /usr/share/doc/lirc/copyright:
Summary of copyright messages found in sources:

Copyright (C) 1998 Pablo d'Angelo <pablo@ag-trek.allgaeu.org>
Copyright (C) 1998,1999 Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>
Copyright (C) 1996,97 Ralph Metzler (rjkm@thp.uni-koeln.de)
Copyright (C) 1998 Trent Piepho <xyzzy@u.washington.edu>
Copyright (C) 1998 Ben Pfaff <blp@gnu.org>
Copyright (C) 1998.11.18 Sinkovics Zoltan <sinko@szarvas.hu>

The whole thing is licensed under the GPL.
End quote.

However, when starting irrecord, it says:
IMPORTANT: The license of the config files created by this program requires
that you send them to the author. If you don't like this license exit this
program now by pressing Ctrl-C! Otherwise press RETURN.
End quote.

I do not expect this license to be compatible with the GPL.  It doesn't
sound very free to me either.  Then again, the only problem I see with
the DFSG is DFSG #1, where sending this back to the author could be
considered a "fee".

As I understand it, this license is on the parts of the generated file
which are included directly by irrecord.  Because as far as I know, the
actual recorded codes are just data which the program manipulates, so
the copyright for them cannot be claimed by the copyrightholders of

Now, if I look at a generated file, the directly included parts are only
the comments at the start, and some keywords to implement the correct
protocol (so it is readable by lircd).  It doesn't look like a
copyrightable contribution to me, but I am not a lawyer.  If it is
copyrightable, then that must be the comment at the start, as the
keywords could be derived from the (GPL'd) lircd source.  Removing the
comments at the start from the file would then also remove their
copyrighted part.  Anyway, as the file is generated from a GPL'd file, I
don't see how these parts can have a different license than the GPL.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this.  Please CC me as I am not
subscribed to the list.

Bas Wijnen

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