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Re: Bug#296369: ITP: spin -- Powerfull model checking and softwareverification tool

Glenn Maynard wrote:
I expect I'm missing something on how your licence grant to distribute 
is in fact revoked, or how I receive a licence not tied through you.
(I will grant it is not clear you have a right to distribute under this 
My license to distribute isn't revoked--my distribution to you (due to
your mirroring of my server) is not a violation.  However, it seems
like the license *you* receive as a result is the new, changed license,
so you don't get a license to redistribute--you never had one to begin

I'm not sure; part of the license says I'm allowed to sublicense, after
all, and I have no idea how that interacts with the "LUCENT ..." clause.
Maybe I should have been clearer, I was following a sublicence chain. I don't see how  a change to Lucent's liscense impacted the one already granted to you, which then could be granted to me (in the abscence of a term similar to IBM's CPL after the fact change which I didn't see).
Following this chain, if it did I guess I'd just have to mail CDs rather than allow downloads :-)


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