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Re: Bug#296369: ITP: spin -- Powerfull model checking and softwareverification tool

> Its a functional name used for all the Open Source Server (OSS)
> oriented-lists that I subscribe to. This approach very effectively
> enables me to manage my mail as I travel, and access email through a
> variety of systems. An unanticipated side benefit of using this approach
> has been the dramatic reduction in the volume of junk-mail that goes to
> my personal email.

Your name in the From: header is for the benefit of others to identify
you, not for you to put arbitrary metadata in.  I don't care what your
u@h is--I've used separate usernames for lists in the past, myself, but
I made sure that the name was reasonable: "Glenn Maynard <g_deb@zewt.org>".
(I've stopped doing that, because it backfired: the only effect it had
was that spam spiders picked up all of the variants, and I started getting
several copies of every spam.  Dur.)

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 01:48:55PM -0700, OSS wrote:
> >1. I download the software, under the above license, and put it on my FTP
> >server.
> >
> >2. The license changes; it now says "redistribution of any kind is 
> >prohibited".
> >
> >3. You mirror my FTP server.  (I can still send it to you, since I'm under
> >the original license.)
> >
> >4. You make your mirror available as an FTP server.

> I don't follow the licence change in this sequence or did I miss the IBM 
> CPL term that all the licences granted are changed when a change is made.
> Without the CPL-like change terms how did the original licence granted 
> to you at step 1, which presumably provides for redistribution, stop 
> applying for your distributions?

It says:

> >"LUCENT, at its sole discretion, may from time to time publish a revised
> >and/or new version of this Agreement (each such revised or new version
> >shall carry a distinguishing version number) which shall govern all copies
> >of Licensed Software downloaded after the posting of such revised or new
> >version of this Agreement."

When you downloaded the software from me (#3 above), you received a copy
of Licensed Software, and it was downloaded "after the posting of such
revised or new version of this Agreement", which means you receive the
changed license, not the one I have--or at least that's what the above
text seems to say.  IANAL, and I have no idea what the actual intent was.

Glenn Maynard

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