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Re: Bug#296369: ITP: spin -- Powerfull model checking and softwareverification tool

Glenn Maynard wrote:

1. I download the software, under the above license, and put it on my FTP

2. The license changes; it now says "redistribution of any kind is prohibited".

3. You mirror my FTP server.  (I can still send it to you, since I'm under
the original license.)

4. You make your mirror available as an FTP server.

You have the new license, since you downloaded it after the license
revision.  Your redistribution of the software violates the license.
It may be very hard to notice this, though, if what you're mirroring
is the non-free archive in whole: you can't assume much about non-free,
but you should at least be able to mirror it safely.

I don't follow the licence change in this sequence or did I miss the IBM CPL term that all the licences granted are changed when a change is made. Without the CPL-like change terms how did the original licence granted to you at step 1, which presumably provides for redistribution, stop applying for your distributions?

regards Dave

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