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Re: [Fwd: Re: mplayer, the time has come]

Henning Makholm wrote:

Scripsit A Mennucc <mennucc1@debian.org>
debianizer - isn't there a debian/rules way to do this now?
no way at all

Yes way. Look up the documentation of 'debian/rules get-orig-source'
in policy.


there was a deep misunderstanding here

I thought you meant: "is there a way to tweak in debian/rules so that the targets called by 'dpkg-buildpackage' or 'debuild' would also clean the .orig.tar.gz ?"

what you mean is : " what about adding a target 'get-orig-source' in debian rules that downloads and prepares a proper .orig.tar.gz ? "

the former is not reasonable, the latter is  in the policy

when I looked in it 2 years ago, I saw that many files did not have proper
copyright statements in them. Since I am not packaging anything from
TOOLS, I took the radical step to delete them

Ideally, repackaged source should only omit subsystems that we have a
good reason to omit.

Ideally, mplayer should have entered Debian some two years ago. This is not an ideal world. In this real world, mplayer is not in the archive, and my first priority is getting it in there. One of the main issues was the lack of proper copyrights ; when I looked in TOOLS I saw a lot of code which is missing proper copyright and autorship statements: I deleted it. When and if mplayer is ever accepted, I will go and track autorship and copyrights of that stuff. And a new skin for gmplayer, as well.

Too radical deletion is a disservice to users who
use the Debian sources to build things and who might have a use for
those things.

keeping the whole mplayer out of Debian is a MAJOR disservice to our users; yet nobody (who is in charge of anything) in Debian is caring

and you tell me about "users who might have a use for those things" ? If you care about "users who might have a use for those things" then help me getting mplayer inside Debian.

If they are in the upstream sources and free enough for
us to ship in the source package, we should ship them in the source

If mplayer is so free, so why is it sooooo darn difficult to have it in Debian???


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