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Re: [Fwd: Re: mplayer, the time has come]

A Mennucc <mennucc1@debian.org> wrote:
> Ideally, mplayer should have entered Debian some two years ago. This is 
> not an ideal world. In this real world, mplayer is not in the archive, 
> and my first priority is getting it in there. [...]

OK, back to priority one: copyright-wise, your package looks
like free software.  Matthew Garrett has given an explanation
which I accept, but I'd be more comfortable if someone gives
a clearer precedent for it, a downloader for software under a
restrictive copyright licence.

Unfortunately, I think you need to follow the Developer's Reference
section on "Repackaged upstream source" and I think you
should be more sparing in deleting TOOLS, before this package should
be uploaded.

> keeping the whole mplayer out of Debian is a MAJOR disservice to our 
> users; yet nobody (who is in charge of anything) in Debian is caring

Then I think you are part of the disservice by starting unnecessary
flamewars with other developers.

> If mplayer is so free, so why is it sooooo darn difficult to have it in 
> Debian???

mplayer seems to be a "tinderbox": Anyone who has prolongued
exposure to it gets frustrated by the legal grey areas and its
history, so they start flaming innocent bystanders for being
wary.  This writes new chapters of bad history and "dries the
tinder" more. Users and other developers are wary of mplayer
because of this history, so probably treat it differently to
other packages, increasing the frustration of the developer
and thereby helping to start the flames. Sometimes they try
to be kind while being wary, which makes the flames hurt more.

I hope that's enough of a "why". I don't know if it's true for
everyone, but it's how I see it. I don't think you should
send emails that seem to suggest other contributors aren't
living in the real world or that they want to hurt users when
you're holding a tinderbox.


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