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Re: [Fwd: Re: mplayer, the time has come]

MJ Ray wrote:

Please don't cc me or send me HTML duplicates (see also debian lists
code of conduct). Thanks to Henning Makholm for replying already with
some answers I couldn't remember. I agree with all of that post.
Further, it looks like this doesn't need to be a native package.

a. wrote:
MJR wrote:
debian/scripts/win32codecs.sh - does this depend on non-free


it will download and install codecs that are non-free; but it is the
user choice (and responsibility) to do that. This is no different than
what libdvdread3 proposed wrt decss library, or xanim with codecs

I think this is the only remaining point I want to comment
on now.  Looking at your examples: xanim is non-free, isn't
it? I'll skip that one.

I didn't remember the libdvdcss2 situation. It seems
it's not kept out because it's not free software, but
because of other problems which make it undistributable
on the main mirrors, thanks to EUCD, DMCA and similar
laws. The ITP is bug 154281 and one list thread is

Some aspects of the ITP listing worry me, but the upshot seems
to be that if ftpmasters or mirror owners are still worried,
someone should ask the DPL or SPI or someone to buy legal advice.

you should compare
mplayer and the  win32codecs.sh which installs win32codecs
libdvdread3 and the installer which installs libdvdcss2

both libdvdread3 and mplayer can do a lot of work without extra installs

and libdvdread3 is in main, so I think mplayer should be as well

So, this looks like a different situation to win32codecs.sh to
me. How does this downloader script differ from f-prot-installer
in contrib? Both depend on some non-free software they download.

nope. f-prot-installer is just meant to install f-prot, and is not useful in itself

mplayer does not _depend_ on win32 codecs. It will run perfectly well without.


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