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Re: Use of the Debian name for websites

Josh King wrote:

I searched Google and the archives for this, but never found a solid answer. I, along with a few others, would like to start a website using the Debian name in the domain (we're using DotDebian.org as a working name for right now). The goal/intent of the site is to provide new user friendly forums, how-to's etc. This will focus mainly on users who have been using one of the Debian based distros (i.e. Knoppix, MEPIS, etc.) and want to migrate their systems over to Debian GNU/Linux itself.

We plan to post a disclaimer stating that we are not endorsed nor affiliated with Debian or SPI. All content on the site will be licensed under the applicable Debian or GNU accepted licenses, meaning all original content of any kind generated or developed by or for the site will be free as in beer and freedom.

If this is acceptable use, do we need any type of official permission from Debian, or may we simply go ahead with the plan as laid out? Also, is it acceptable to use the "Open Use" logo as part of any graphics on the site?

Thanks in advance.


FWIW, the idea is being scrapped anyway in favor of supporting the existing sites. Thanks.


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