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Re: flowc license

* Francesco Poli:

> On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 18:17:24 -0700 Joel Aelwyn wrote:
>> But in my experience, when
>> contacting authors, a great many of them simply copied boilerplate
>> from an old BSD license, and if you discuss with them the rationale
>> given by the University of California when they
>> mass-retroactively-relicensed from the 4-clause to 3-clause license,
>> they may well be quite happy to relicense.
> Could you please provide an URL for this rationale?

Just search for the string "REGENTS" in these license copies.  Often,
the name of the copyright holder is changed, but the following
disclaimer is copied verbatim, even though "regents" doesn't have much
meaning when the copyright holder (or distributor) is not an
organization with such a supervisory body.

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