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Bug#294559: Public domain licensing

Dear knowledge source,

As can be seen in #294559 I hope to become a debian developer. In the
same bug report one can see that the package I'd like to start with is

According to it's web page the license is:


All code contained in netbiff is released into the public domain. 

Until I got asked me to double check with you I thought no problems
existed including software with public domained source code in debian.

It have been claimed that PD is a vague definition and the way GNU
defines freedom, PD is only almost free because future versions might
not be free. But that only applies do derived works, right? My
understanding is that once released under the public domain, the
public's right to that release can't be revoked? Have I gotten that
entirely wrong?

Will the upstream developer have to add a copyright claim to the PD
license too to make it legal?

I could try convince the Author to change to another license if there
are serious problems with having PD software in debian. However I would
prefer not to since I consider it to be the Author's right to choose
what license to release his work under and respecting the wishes of
others are important to me.

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