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Re: Use of the Debian name for websites

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 02:38:07AM +0000, Andrew Saunders wrote:
> I likewise believe that documentation is a subset of software, but the
> interminable debates on the topic convinced me that GR 2004-03's
> approach to resolving the ambiguity is the correct one - e.g. changing
> "1. Debian Will Remain 100% Free Software" to "1. Debian will remain
> 100% free" and making references to free *works* as opposed to free
> *software*. I'm attempting to adapt my own use of the lingo
> accordingly.

This isn't avoiding it at all; the DFSG was not renamed to the "Debian
Free Stuff Guidelines".  It merely makes it clear that documentation is
included in "software", at least as far as the SC is concerned.  You
can change your vocabulary if you want, but I certainly don't like the
idea of giving way to the people trying to change the language to suit
their claims that freedom isn't important for documentation.

Glenn Maynard

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