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Re: GPL - "specifying" the preferred form for modification

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> schrieb:

> Glenn Maynard wrote:
>> The GPL very deliberately does not specify
>> the preferred form for modification, and authors shouldn't do so (at
>> least not in a legally-binding way or an attempt to "interpret" the GPL).
> Right.  I think there is no harm in saying "My preferred form for modification 
> is the texinfo source", as long as it is *not* a legally-binding change.  We 
> have suggested such things to make things clearer for people who are 
> uncomfortable and fearful about the use of the phrase "source code" for 
> documentation, so as indicate that it is a meaningful phrase.  We do not want 
> such statements to act as a restriction.

Yes, it was in this sense that I suggested this addition.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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