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Re: D-Link wireless adapter firmware

Christian Kirbach writes:

> Afternoon,
> I am asking for advice.
> I got involved on http://acx100.sf.net . This project develops an OS driver
> for the ACX100 wireless chipsets.
> We recently got D-Link Germany to grant redistribution of the firmware
> (binary only) files that can be used on almost any wireless device based on
> Texas Instrument's ACX100.
> They agreed on:
> ----
>      Licensing terms:
>        Redistribution of these binary WLAN card firmware files has
> been  kindly
>        granted by D-Link Deutschland GmbH on an "AS-IS" basis. Thus
> please  note
>        that these redistribution rights don't include customer support
> by  D-Link.
>        The files are property of D-Link, Germany.
> ------
> Since the license is somewhat restricted I am considering putting the
> package in
> "contrib" or "non-free" sections.
> What section would you suggest?

Since the license only mentions redistribution rights, and none of the
modification or other rights listed in the DFSG, software (including
firmware) covered by that license may only go in non-free.

If the rest of the driver software satisfies the DFSG, contrib is the
least controversial place to put it.

Michael Poole

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