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D-Link wireless adapter firmware


I am asking for advice.
I got involved on http://acx100.sf.net . This project develops an OS driver
for the ACX100 wireless chipsets.
We recently got D-Link Germany to grant redistribution of the firmware
(binary only) files that can be used on almost any wireless device based on
Texas Instrument's ACX100.
They agreed on:
    Licensing terms:
Redistribution of these binary WLAN card firmware files has been kindly granted by D-Link Deutschland GmbH on an "AS-IS" basis. Thus please note that these redistribution rights don't include customer support by D-Link.
      The files are property of D-Link, Germany.

Since the license is somewhat restricted I am considering putting the package in
"contrib" or "non-free" sections.
What section would you suggest?

Christian Kirbach <Christian.Kirbach@student.uni-siegen.de>

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