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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free?

MJ Ray wrote:
Nick Phillips <nwp@nz.lemon-computing.com> wrote:

It would seem to me that if you want to distribute a version of mozilla
with a different default search, then it is reasonable to require that
you do not call it mozilla or use any of their trademarks.

I can understand why I can't call it mozilla, because that's their name.
They are not called firefox though. They make a thing called "Mozilla
Firefox" and are claiming "Firefox" as an extra name.

Er, that's what a trademark is :-) Nabisco isn't called Oreo, but Oreo is still their trademark.

On a purely pragmatic note, if it's fine to require the name is changed
for modified versions (like Debian's can be), it's not clear how to
do that at present - do we know if it is even possible?

Read back in the various threads on this topic - I've been explaining how it's done.

It feels like
Mozilla may be free but vexatious. Unsurprisingly, I'm a little grumpy at
them claiming they are behaving well while making more work for us.

I apologise that our trademark policy makes more work for you, but I do think we are behaving well in that all of our software is still Free.

there are the claims that X or Y from MF will discuss it, even though
past attempts failed and it seems nothing has changed on MF's side.

I'm here and I'm not going away.


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