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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free?

Nick Phillips <nwp@nz.lemon-computing.com> wrote:
> It would seem to me that if you want to distribute a version of mozilla
> with a different default search, then it is reasonable to require that
> you do not call it mozilla or use any of their trademarks.

I can understand why I can't call it mozilla, because that's their name.
They are not called firefox though. They make a thing called "Mozilla
Firefox" and are claiming "Firefox" as an extra name. It may be an
acceptable extra restriction on the code which we can work with, like
the GPL, but it's still a restriction most don't place.

On a purely pragmatic note, if it's fine to require the name is changed
for modified versions (like Debian's can be), it's not clear how to
do that at present - do we know if it is even possible? It feels like
Mozilla may be free but vexatious. Unsurprisingly, I'm a little grumpy at
them claiming they are behaving well while making more work for us. Then
there are the claims that X or Y from MF will discuss it, even though
past attempts failed and it seems nothing has changed on MF's side.

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