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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free?

MJ Ray wrote:
Gervase Markham <gerv@mozilla.org> wrote:

- The default build for Firefox and Thunderbird uses non-trademarked

Are you sure? The graphics seem to have the words "Firefox" in them,
which doesn't seem a permitted use of the trademark to me.

The default build removes the trademarked logos (the fox-on-globe or the bird-on-envelope) but not the trademarked words. This is because our current trademark policies are more strict about the use of the logo compared to the word, so more people (e.g. all our localisers) use the word.

Of course, there's a big "under construction" sign on all this, so I wouldn't be surprised if reality differs a little from the ideal.

- The names can be found in files called brand.dtd and brand.properties
  (for Firefox)

Ah, I found another directory mozilla/dist/branding as well as the
mozilla/other-licenses/branding one that I knew about. Which of
these are actually used?

mozilla/dist is the built version of Mozilla. mozilla/other-licenses/branding shouldn't be pulled or built unless you've set MOZ_USE_OFFICIAL_BRANDING:
This is done using the --enable-official-branding switch to configure.

If a clean CVS pull without that switch is pulling and building in that directory, that's definitely a bug. :-)

Is MF implicitly licensing
the trademarks by making it so hard to remove them when performing
acts permitted by the copyright licence?

No. :-)

Amusingly, the "About FireWWW" box says it is copyright
contributors, but pressing the credits button displays a box
empty apart from "FireWWW \n The browser, reloaded".  How do
Mozilla contributors feel about not being credited on the
About box at all?

If you wait, it scrolls - or it should do. There are also more contributors at about:credits.


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