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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free?

On 06 Jan 2005 01:30:02 GMT MJ Ray wrote:

> Using MF's trademarks seems to require some sort of licence to
> be granted specifically to debian and not to its users. That
> seems not to follow DFSG 7 or 8, doesn't it?
> Alternatively, if the names are changed to
> firebird/tbird/mozzarella or anything else avoiding the MF
> trademarks, no extra licences are required. Describing the
> heritage in the description line will let users find the
> right debian package, while still being honest.
> If MF is really going to insist that it gets magic veto rights
> over the work of the debian maintainer and users, changing
> the name is the easiest solution. If MF want us to use the
> trademarks, make that solution easier by relaxing the policy
> enough to follow the DFSG. I think it's fine to insist on
> prominent marking of differences, but it's too severe to revoke
> permission based on random unspecified quality judgements.

I agree entirely.
At present, it seems we really *need* to replace MoFo trademarked names
and logos in order to satisfy the DFSG. Sad but true.  :-(

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