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Re: IRAF component relicensed

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> What kind of license is associated with code produced by Yacc?

Well, code produced by yacc is derivative both of the yacc input file
and the yacc parser being used.

> Upstream IRAF apparently has a "UNIX source license" and uses a
> modified yacc to produce two of the files.  The source includes a
> 	This directory contains the source for the Yacc compiler
> 	compiler (Stephen C.  Johnson), as modified to produce SPP
> 	language parsers.  You should have a UNIX source license to
> 	use this software on your machine.

This means that 1) the yacc implementation isn't Free, and 2) the yacc
output isn't free either.

> Normally, this code is compiled; however it does not appear to be
> necessary for further compilation or runtime.  I could remove this
> code from the .orig. file, assuming that upstreams *output* is still
> free..

No, the output isn't free either.  Furthermore, even if it were, it
wouldn't be source, and the source (the yacc input file) wouldn't be
compilable into the output file without this non-free yacc.

It isn't acceptable to have compiled files in the .orig.tar.gz in lieu
of being able to compile from source.  Normally, it would be acceptable
to have yacc-produced parsers in the .orig.tar.gz (presuming upstream
shipped them), along with the yacc source.  However, since it sounds
like this modified yacc is based on a non-free yacc implementation, that
won't work here.

Presuming this modified yacc isn't trivially replaceable with a Free
yacc, this would prevent these packages from being uploadable to main.

- Josh Triplett

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