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Re: IRAF component relicensed

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What kind of license is associated with code produced by Yacc?
Upstream IRAF apparently has a "UNIX source license" and uses a
modified yacc to produce two of the files.  The source includes a

	This directory contains the source for the Yacc compiler
	compiler (Stephen C.  Johnson), as modified to produce SPP
	language parsers.  You should have a UNIX source license to
	use this software on your machine.

Normally, this code is compiled; however it does not appear to be
necessary for further compilation or runtime.  I could remove this
code from the .orig. file, assuming that upstreams *output* is still

Iraf source is at: ftp://iraf.noao.edu/iraf/v212/PCIX/as.pcix.gen.gz
Current NCAR code: http://ngwww.ucar.edu/ng/download.html


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