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CDF License


Could I get an opinion on the following license with regard to DFSG

The license is available at
and is reproduced below:

Copyright 2002
National Space Science Data Center
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

This software may be copied or redistributed as long as it is not sold
for profit, but it can be incorporated into any other substantive
product with or without modifications for profit or non-profit. If the
software is modified, it must include the following notices:

  * The software is not the original (for protection of the original
    author's reputations from any problems introduced by others)

  * Change history (e.g. date, functionality, etc.) 

This copyright notice must be reproduced on each copy made. This
software is provided as is without any express or implied
warranties whatsoever. 

I'm concerned about the first sentence which seems to claim that for-profit
distribution is not allowed unless it is part of another product.  The
clause seems a bit wooly to me.

I'm interested in this as libcdf is an optional dependency for a package
I maintain (kst).



Mark Hymers, University of Newcastle Medical School
Intercalating Medical Student (MBBS / PhD)

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