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Re: Your NISH Application

Thank you for your interest in NISH!

Please be sure that you sent the following items.
	1.	NISH Application (REQUIRED to be considered)
	2.	Resume
	3.	Any other requested documents

If you neglected to include one of these items in your application,
please resubmit ALL documents again to be considered for this position.
Please do not rely on any other previous submissions.

To obtain an application go to our web site, www.nish.org.  Click on
"jobs."  Click on "employment application."  Download the application.
Fill in all items on the application, save, and attach it to your

Hiring officials will review all submissions in the near future and will
be contact applicants they wish to speak with.  Please do not phone to
verify that your application has been received.  

Thank you again for your interest in employment opportunities at NISH.

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