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Re: Preferred license for forums content - Part II

Hello Andrew,

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 23:32:17, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> It probably isn't legitimate to claim a license in this manner in most
> jurisdictions anyway. You normally need an explicit grant from the
> copyright holder (while there are some case-law precedents in some
> places for certain forms of implicit licensing, they're lawyer-bait
> and not something to be relied upon).

You are probably right, but what other options do I have? Asking all Users which have posted (~5000 Users, ~200000 Postings) will be an endless task. I think writing an Note in the "Post a Topic"-Page which states the licensing situation will be adequate. So everyone who dont agree to the new license can stop posting and/or writing "My Post is licensed under ...." under his posting.

I know that there where some issues regarding debianhelp.org and I dont want to run into the same problems :-)


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