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Re: Academic Free License 2.1 -- free or not?

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 10:55:52 -0300 Carlos Laviola wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:39:56 +0200, Francesco Poli
> <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote:
> > On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:00:28 -0300 Carlos Laviola wrote:
> > > Maybe
> > > when Christiaan, the current FIGlet maintainer, comes back from
> > > vacation and release a new version with the license changes,
> > 
> > Which license changes? To Academic Free License 2.1?
> > If this is the case, I hope he changes his mind...
> Yes, to the AFL. He might even have a different point of view, but
> he's just figlet's current maintainer; copyright still belongs to the
> individuals that developed figlet in the past -- which is why I'm
> seeking their consent.

I really hope you can persuade all the copyright holders to relicense in
a DFSG-compliant way!  :)

> > Worse: there are possibly undistributable files and this means the
> > package is perhaps not even suitable for the non-free section, until
> > you obtain clarification from relevant copyright holders...
> The files you refer to -- zipio.[ch], inflate.[ch], crc.[ch] were all
> written by Ed Hamrick, which has agreed to put them on the public
> domain.

No, those files were non-free, but not undistributable, IIUC.

I was rather referring to some font files (fonts/*.flf):

| Permission is hereby given to modify this font, as long as the
| modifier's name is placed on a comment line.

No permission to distribute...

> > are you saying that many
> > FIGlet copyright holders are willing to let FIGlet be free software?
> > This would be great news...
> Indeed, but what we think is free software is not what everyone else
> does. Even the FSF, as we all know from the troubled GFDL.

Sad but true.  :-(

Anyway the good will to release free software, even with a confused idea
of free software or simply with one we don't agree on, is better than
nothing. It's something we can start from... and hope for the best!

> As a matter of fact, I had taken maintainership of figlet less than
> two weeks ago, and your bug report came in 2 days after that, but

I've always been a well-known ball breaker, and this is the most
apparent proof...  ;-)

> they've been cooperative up until this dead end.

Good news: I hope we can come up with a solution, since FIGlet is really

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