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Re: Academic Free License 2.1 -- free or not?

Francesco Poli wrote:
> > The software was legally distributed
> > to me, and that gives me some entitlements under copyright law.
> Which ones?
> Please explain (IANAL, hence I'm not so knowledgeable...).

Most copyright laws state that you have certain rights to use the
software if you legally acquire a copy. This is true especially in
Europe, where Directive 91/250/EC states the following:

Article 5 Exceptions to the restricted acts 

1. In the absence of specific contractual provisions, the acts
referred to in Article 4 (a) and (b) shall not require authorization
by the rightholder where they are necessary for the use of the
computer program by the lawful acquirer in accordance with its
intended purpose, including for error correction.


This corresponds to article 64ter.-(1) of the Italian copyright law
(available through http://www.wipo.int/clea/en/ in English)


Arnoud Engelfriet, Dutch patent attorney - Speaking only for myself
Patents, copyright and IPR explained for techies: http://www.iusmentis.com/

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