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Re: Re: your mail

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 01:51:29PM +0100, Anthony Youngman wrote: >
Sorry, my goof. I shouldn't be sloppy. It's the FSF faq. "Is making and
> using multiple copies within one organization or company
"distribution"? > <> ". As I read that, it's simply saying that the
"you" in the FAQ can > be a company, and as such internal distribution
is just "use" and the > GPL doesn't apply. That makes sense. Then again,
easyco's page says: Local subsidiaries and franchisees are clearly
separate business entities and considered distribution rather than use.
Similarly, provision of non-GPL-compliant copies to independent
contractors under non-GPL terms may constitute unpermitted distribution.
When in doubt, have your attorney review your usage for compliance, or
purchase a commercial QM license. There's a bit of fud in there, and a
bit of sales pitch, but they seem to be leaving the boundaries in the
same place as the fsf. 

I'm not sure. But this is where we get the interaction between copyright
treaties, and national contract law (plus business practice).

I've worked in companies where subsidiaries were simply a convenient
accounting fiction. Internal resources were shared and not apportioned,
etc (especially central computer facilities!). And our definition of an
independent subsidiary is very different from yours ...

As with so much of their faq, it seems to me to depend on contract law.
Except the GPL is not a contract, and the law as it applies to me is
very different from that which applies to them.

(NB - if you were wondering why you can't email my other email address
(the thewolery one), I was wondering similar things. I've sussed it's
probably my anti-spam rules - damn spam! :-(



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