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Re: cdrecord: weird GPL interpretation

Brian Thomas Sniffen <bts <at> alum.mit.edu> writes:
> On the other hand, I find this message interesting:
>   http://lkml.org/lkml/2004/8/19/111
> In particular, he seems to be relying on German "Authors' Rights", and
> claims to be in discussion with Debian people.  That's nearly a month
> ago.

This was about the recent change of license in a36 that was widely covered in
the news, e.g. lwn or heise.de

We (cdrools Debian maintainers) were in indeed private contact with Joerg about
this and successfully managed to resolve this, a38 undid the newly introduced
non-freeness issue, the code in question (linuxcheck()) is not encumbered by a
specific license anymore, it may be removed like anything else.

This is resolved and completely orthogonal to this thread, so please ignore it.
                  cu andreas

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