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Re: Suggestions of David Nusinow, was: RPSL and DFSG-compliance - choice of venue

On Mon, Aug 23, 2004 at 01:16:06PM -0700, ivan-debian@420.am wrote:
> The debian-legal mailing list is often "bashed" because it repreresents
> an extreme point of view relative to Debian proper.

Being interested in licensing issues is "extreme"? That's quite a
strange thing to claim.

> > particularly when it comes from people who don't participate in its 
> > discussions.
> > At any rate, I'm not saying we need to make the P&P process turn our NMs
> > into legal experts.  I *am* saying we need to educate them that legal
> > issues, even in Free Software, are sufficiently complex that expertise is
> > actually required.  Armchair quarterbacking from a position of ignorance
> Many folks see debian-legal as "armchair laywering" from a position of 
> ignorance.  How many participants are attorneys?

Who cares? Being an attorney does not give you any special ability to
interpret the DFSG. Also, turning the question around the other way:

How many Debian developers are CS graduates and professional
programmers? How many AMs are qualified teachers?

While these qualifications have their use, they aren't necessary
here. You don't have to be an attorney to understand the law, only to
practice it.

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