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advice regarding doom-engine licences

Hello all,

I am emailing the list to ask your advice regarding a collection of licences
which the doom engine and related engines have been licenced under. This is in
relation to bug #264816 , `doomlegacy-sdl: combines incompatible, non-dfsg 

The doom computer game consists of two main files - the executable and a data
file known as the IWAD. ID Software release the source of the engine under the
non-profit licence described in DOOMLIC.TXT[1]. They later released it under 
the GPL licence[2]. The IWAD is only available commercially and for that
reason all doom ports currently go in contrib[3].

Raven Software / Activision later released the heretic and hexen source code 
under a new licence[1].

I am mailing to ask your opinions of the following points:

1) The original ID licence and the heretic/hexen licence are both incompatible
   with the GPL and thus attempts to mix them result in a combination which
   cannot be included in debian nor non-free. Both licences are additionally
   not DFSG free.

2) The original ID licence and the heretic/hexen licence are compatible with
   each other.

3) the heretic/hexen licence is suitable for inclusion in non-free.

The doom licence has been discussed on -legal before[4] and the concencus
seems to have been that the original doom licence is not suitable for
inclusion in non-free. This leads me to believe that point 3 above is

Thank you for your help.

[1] Please find the mentioned files attached to the bug report #264816

[2] possibly as a result of a very popular derivation of the 
    source going missing due to a single hard disk crash.
[3] Note: there is a project (which I am involved in) to create a free IWAD
    and so it is not long before we can put doom engines in main:
    http://freedoom.sf.net/ which has been ITPd: http://bugs.debian.org/206139
[4] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/1999/09/msg00008.html

Jonathan Dowland

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