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Re: RPSL and DFSG-compliance - choice of venue

David Nusinow writes:
>2) Steve McIntyre has continually suggested codifying the various things in the
>DFSG. I fully agree with this. If you really truly believe that your
>interpretations are shared by the rest of the project, then you have nothing to
>fear from this, and you only stand to gain.

But it seems that codifying the more common non-free clauses would
remove some of the ambiguities in the DFSG, and then people on -legal
would have less to hand-wave about. That seems to be a core

>3) As I stated earlier, I liked the news post to DWN. Keep those up for big
>things like new tests and interesting new interpretations.
>4) Announce major changes to things to -devel-announce. If a major license is
>declared as non-free, announce it to -devel or -devel-announce (maybe the
>-devel first in order to allow dissenters to weigh in before going for the
>broader -devel-announce).

Good plan.

>5) Possibly start -legal-announce for summaries and such
>Hopefully those are good starting points for you. My goal isn't to tear down or
>break consensus, but to bring some sort of peace and compromise. If you don't
>like this and would rather rant and talk in circles, then I'm not the man to be
>posting to this list. If you like any of these ideas, let me know and I can try
>to help implement them.

Good luck; you'll need it.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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