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Re: Re: DRAFT: debian-legal summary of the QPL

>>> I wouldn't consider a license free if it said, for example, "if you modify
>>>this program you must add your name to this wiki page as soon as possible".
>>>It wouldn't fail the desert island test ("as soon as possible" might easily
>>>mean "never") but it would fail the dissident test.
>> But the QPL also fails the dissident test, and has a much less onerous
>> requirement than the "Add your name to a wiki" license.
>It's a much more onerous requirement: it has the same effect, that you
>must contact the original author, who then gets to do what he wants

Hey, no, you are wrong on this. The original author has to contact you first,
with the request. And i don't buy the idea of a generic call for patches,
since nobody can prove that you indeed received that request (think about a TV
less dissident, or a guy on a desert island :). And anyway, first upstream
need to learn of the patch, which he wouldn't do if the dissident didn't
broadly distribute its changes.


Sven Luther

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