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Re: GUADEC report

Josh Triplett <josh.trip@verizon.net> writes:

> For example, "Abiword" is a trademarked name; Abisource requires that
> modified versions of Abiword are either called "Abiword Personal", or
> that they don't have "Abiword" in the name.  This is a perfectly
> reasonable application of a trademark to Free Software, and Debian
> distributes of Abiword using the branding "Abiword Personal".

Not as far as I can se:

    Description: WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2/GNOME2
     AbiWord is the first application of a complete, open source office
     suite. The upstream source includes cross-platform support for
     Win32, BeOS, and QNX as well as GTK+ on Unix.
     This package contains the AbiWord binary built with GTK2/GNOME2.

Neither the GNOME menu entry, the splash screen, the window title nor
the about box mention "Personal" in any way.

>From what I see at
<http://www.abisource.com/information/license/personal.phtml> the source
they distribute should automatically brand itself "AbiWord Personal",
but the source only mentions "Personal build" (or anything resembling)
in the Windows .nsi installer files.


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