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Re: Which license for a documentation?

Josh Triplett wrote:

> MJ Ray wrote:
>> Related, is the following licence DFSG-free:
>> "I grant permission to you to do any act with my work. Please ask me to
>> link to mirrors. Please link to this site and credit the contributors.
>> No warranty offered and no liability accepted."
> "Please link to this site" seems non-free to me.
But it's a request, not a requirement.  :-)

> What if you are making 
> a copy in a medium which does not support links?  What if the copy will
> be behind a restrictive firewall that doesn't allow access to external
> websites?  What if your site goes down, or is replaced by something
> people don't want to link to?  Also, if you copied the software from a
> mirror, does "this site" refer to the original or a mirror?
> If by "Please ask me to link to mirrors." you mean "If you want me to
> put a link to your mirror on my site, ask.", then that clause is fine,
> but really shouldn't be part of the license.

Technically, the actual license is:
"I grant permission to you to do any act with my work."
The rest is not part of the license grant.

> It is not related to 
> copying the work; it just provides information about how to get your
> mirror listed on the official site.
>> ?  Also, does it seem legally useful?
> Depends, what are you trying to achieve?
> - Josh Triplett

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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