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Re: Which license for a documentation?

Josh Triplett wrote:
MJ Ray wrote:

Related, is the following licence DFSG-free:

"I grant permission to you to do any act with my work. Please ask me to
link to mirrors. Please link to this site and credit the contributors.
No warranty offered and no liability accepted."

"Please link to this site" seems non-free to me.  What if you are making
a copy in a medium which does not support links?  What if the copy will
be behind a restrictive firewall that doesn't allow access to external
websites?  What if your site goes down, or is replaced by something
people don't want to link to?  Also, if you copied the software from a
mirror, does "this site" refer to the original or a mirror?

If by "Please ask me to link to mirrors." you mean "If you want me to
put a link to your mirror on my site, ask.", then that clause is fine,
but really shouldn't be part of the license.  It is not related to
copying the work; it just provides information about how to get your
mirror listed on the official site.

Is it not the case that requests like this are Free, even though they would not be if they were requirements?

The only clauses in the license that are requirements (as opposed to requests) are "I grant permission to you to do any act with my work.", and "No warranty offered and no liability accepted.", which seem the same in intent as two-clause BSD (which is Free).

Lewis Jardine

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