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Re: ipw2100 firmware distributable?

Mahesh T. Pai wrote:
Sebastian Ley said on Mon, May 31, 2004 at 02:11:22PM +0200,:

 > If they  refuse to  change or clarify  the license, what  would you
 > think  of  getting a  special  permission  for  distributing it  in
 > debian? They have given it before (see my first post). What would I
 > have to take care of?

Cannot be included, not even in non-free, IMHO. Will violate DFSG #8.

Right: If something needs special permission, it is non-free and can at most go into non-free. But since non-free is not part of debian (the distribution), special permission only for distributing it *in* debian would be useless in any case. (But that is likely not what was meant.)

An alternative licence (if need be, specific to debian (the project) and its mirrors) to distribute and re-distribute, without confidentiality and export restriction clauses, may allow it into non-free (depending on the concrete licence).

For simplicity (and reduced non-freeness), they might as well grant a public licence to everybody to distribute "as-is".

IANAL, IANADD, IJRDL, *and* I am new to this list...

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