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Re: GPL: for this list's review and pleasure

Scripsit Humberto Massa <humberto.massa@almg.gov.br>

> Massa's little trying-to-be-comprehensive study about the GPL.

Um, nothing personal, but this study/summary/whatever seems to be
really unreadable. Certainly the GPL itself is easier reading.

Could you try to formulate your next version (if any) such that it
contains some grammatically complete sentences rather than just
isolated fragments of phrases?

If this is trying to be a DFSG summary, then I cannot even find a

Henning Makholm             "Jeg forstår mig på at anvende sådanne midler på
                           folks legemer, at jeg kan varme eller afkøle dem,
                    som jeg vil, og få dem til at kaste op, hvis det er det,
                  jeg vil, eller give afføring og meget andet af den slags."

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