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Re: The draft Position statement on the GFDL

Raul Miller wrote:
>> >> I said: You can modify gcc, combining it with metafont (as long as
>> >> you
>> >>  don't eliminate 2,c announcements -- which AFAIR gcc does not
>> >>  have);
>> >
>> > If you can put appropriate copyright notices on it, sure.  I'm not
>> > sure how you're going to so this, but I'm sure you'll clear that up
>> > for me.
>> Change line 1 of gcc/src/main.c to #include
>> "metafont/includes/includeme.h".
>> That's a (rather trivial) combination of the two programs.  All of the
>> requirements for section 2 are met (as long as you don't distribute
>> the resulting combined work).
> Where's the appropriate copyright notice which you are supposed to
> prominently include?

In exactly the same place(s) that it is in gcc.  In the source files, in the
output from --version, etc.


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