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Re: The draft Position statement on the GFDL

@ 12/05/2004 14:36 : wrote Raul Miller :

In Brazilian copyright+computer_programs law, you can make as many copies as necessary to use some software.

That's specific to that jurisdiction, not a part of a license.
I said it in other post: Brazilian law is modelled closed on the Berne convention; possibly other jurisdictions have similar dispositions.

And how would this part of the terms of Section 1 be satisfied in
this case:

  "...provided that you conspicuously and appropriately publish on each
   copy an appropriate copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty;
   keep intact all the notices that refer to this License.."

Alternatively, how are you combining gcc and metafont without making a
copy of the software which combines gcc and metafont?
Why would you want to do that? Let's see, step-by-step:
1. I get gcc's sources;
1. (a) I have a valid license to it;
2. I get metafont sources;
2. (a) I also have a valid license to this;
-- up to this point, no license violation
3. I make modifications to gcc and to metafont, taking care of :
3. (a) not removing any copyright (C) notices -- they are already there, I don't need to put them, I received gcc under the terms of the GPL, with the notices, and the disclaimer (as to satisfy GPL#1);
3. (b) marking the changed files as changed as to satisfy GPL#2, 'a';
3. (c) gcc does not have the announcement in GPL#2, 'c', so nothing else is required; 3. (d) I will take appropriate similar precautions stated in metafont's license (OPL?) in making the modifications to metafont's files;
-- up to this point, no license violation
4. I will write my files needed to integrate both, taking all the necessary precautions 3 a-d above. Notice that probably my files (unless completely unrelated) are derived works both of metafont and of gcc.
-- no license violation.
5. I will diff the sources from the resulting program with the original sources
-- no license violation.
6. I will write a script that like this:
   mkdir ~/metagcc; chdir ~/metagcc
   tar xzvf $GCC_SOURCES
   patch -p1 ../../metagcc.patch
   make all test install clean
-- no license violation

End of story.

Let's see, eliminating the irrelevant (to our discussion) parts: [[ 2,/caput/ ]] You may modify; you may copy such modifications with all rights we waived in section 1; provided [[ 2, a ]] you mark the files
Slow down, are you saying section 1 is irrelevant, or that you've
satisfied its terms?
I had said that its terms were already satisfied.

If you can put appropriate copyright notices on it, sure.  I'm not
sure how you're going to so this, but I'm sure you'll clear that up
for me.
Did I?


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