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Re: Squeak in Debian?

"Lex Spoon" <lex@cc.gatech.edu> wrote:
> I've posted a summary of the discussion on including Squeak in non-free:
> 	http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/3733
> I'll edit it as issues come up.  There are two open issues:

The indemnification clause is _not_ acceptable.  Using phrases like
"it is extremely unlikely" won't cut it.

> 1. Export regs.  Are our servers up to snuff for avoiding export to US
> embargoed countries?  (It looks to me that we need to handle this
> anyway, even aside from Squeak's license.)

As I understand it, the US servers do not export software to those
countries.  However, probably not all of the non-us mirrors check
whether a request originates from Cuba [1].  In that case, the mirrors
would be violating the license (but no law that applies to them).
This is different from what I said before, because I didn't think
about mirrors outside the US redistributing software to Cuba.

Walter Landry

[1] The mail that was sent to the mirrors for the crypto-in-main
transition is at


Checking for country of origin was a suggestion, not a requirement.

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