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Re: Squeak in Debian?

Lex Spoon wrote:

> Lewis Jardine <s9902074@sms.ed.ac.uk> wrote:
>> 'when such distribution is prohibited by law' - If you're not a US
>> citizen, and not in the US, US law does not apply to you, and therefore
>> does not prohibit such distribution.
> [...]
>> 'all applicable United States export control laws' - none of them are
>> applicable to a non-US citizen outside the US.
> [...]
>> 'all applicable laws' - same as cmucl.
> Are we sure this is what those weasle words mean?  Not that I am fully
> up on lawyer-speak, but I read the "applicable laws" as "laws referring
> to software, cryptography, etc."  That is, I read it as, you must follow
> the relevant US export laws but you do not have to follow all of US
> export law.
Not sure, but the first one ('when such distribution is prohibited by law')
*definitely* means this, and we've assumed that the other clauses meant
about the same thing (it's quite a normal goal).

> Note that your reading makes all of these clauses NOP's.
Bascially, yes.

Actually, they're not entirely NOPs.  They mean "if you break the law, then
in addition to the legal penalties, we can *also* terminate your license".

We don't accept clauses stronger than that, ones which force people to obey
random US laws which they are otherwise not bound by.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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