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Re: Squeak in Debian?

Lewis Jardine wrote:

> To my knowledge, 'don't break the laws that apply to you' clauses are
> not considered non-free (though they are GPL-incompatible, being an
> 'additional restriction'), as these restrictions apply anyway, whether
> they are stated in the license or not; they only restrict rights that
> you did not legally have in the first place.
Right -- we generally consider them to be no-op clauses.

> 'don't break laws that don't apply to you' clauses, however, mean that
> the law(s) in question essentially form part of the license. The US
> export control laws are non-free, under DFSG #5 (No Discrimination
> Against Persons or Groups), thus squeak (as licensed) is non-free (at
> best).
Right.  These are *not* no-op clauses, and as such we have to worry about

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