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Re: The QPL licence

> It'd be nice if this license would go away.  I'd recommend the
> same thing that was recommended in the previous thread: ask the
> upstream authors to dual license under the GPL, just like
> Trolltech did.

I am working on it. In the mean time, let me present the authors
argument for the QPL. He is basically afraid of a fork, which he
argues is easier than cooperation. He's probably right. He wants
there to be one libcwd, and only one libcwd, and no "competition"
from projects building up on years of his work.

I can completely understand this line of reasoning, and I find it
hard to argue against that. If you have convincing arguments, share
them with me (or just post them here, I sent the thread link to the

You and I, we agree that the QPL should go away and be replaced by
a truly free licence. However, unless we find a licence that
accomodates DFSG-freeness and the author's wish for legal protection
against forks, it's going to be hard.

I have proposed to him to consider creating a license of his own,
which would basically allow everything except the incoporation of
the code into another project with the same goals as libcwd. We'll
see what comes.

In the mean time, I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks for any
forthcoming (and previous) suggestions and thoughts!

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