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Re: The QPL licence


Am Sa, den 24.04.2004 schrieb Walter Landry um 18:09:
> > 6.   c. If the items are not available to the general public, and the
> >         initial developer of the Software requests a copy of the items,
> >         then you must supply one.

> To be more concrete, this fails the desert island test.  If I make
> modifications, then I have to give the initial developer a copy, even
> if I am physically unable to do so.  This differs from the "give
> source if you give binaries" clause of the GPL, because if you can
> give binaries then it is probably not too difficult to give source.

I thought about that, but then I thought: "If [..] requests" - the
desert island guy can't be requested. But then, he might: cloud
painting, morse-earth-quakes, message-in-a-bottle...
Seems to be a corner case, and I have not yet an opinion on that.

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